Justin Bieber's Trending App Investments


Celebrity investments are rising these days and it has become one of the trends in the business world. Even Justin Bieber was speculated to utilize his money in business as well, investing in Tinychat, Stamped, and Spotify.

It goes without saying that pop star Justin Bieber has remain lucrative about the investments he has made in the past. It has been noted that his first investment gig was in 2009 but the name of the firm was not disclosed.

Also a past article published by Inc revealed, "Since then Justin Bieber has taken a stake in instant messaging app Tinychat, ratings app Stamped, and music streaming service Spotify. Unlike many celebrity investments, the deals are rarely equity-for-endorsement trades. One exception is Shots, a selfie sharing app for which he led a $1.1 million seed round."

Shots' fame and glory spiked when Justin Bieber began utilizing the apps to showcase his own photos. Though its adoption seems to be slow going, the company raised a hefty $8.5 million series a round earlier this year, as noted by the same post.

It is an undeniable fact that celebrities are entering the business world to expand their profits and revenues. To prove the latter, a former report from Jobs & Hire showcased Tyra Banks, Mary-Kate Olsen, and even Jessica Simpson entering the murky and challenging waters of business and trade.

Indeed, for Justin Bieber investing in Tinychat, Stamped, and Spotify are one of the means to secure his financial future and attain solidity in the coming years to come.

Original article: www.jobsnhire.com

Written by: Alexandra Park

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