A Podcast for those Disrupting the Hustle


No Monopoly on Hustle is a twice-monthly podcast focused on the disruptors which create headlines and those that launch companies which change the game.

#NoMoH will feature interviews and inspirational stories from the battlefield of business, highlighting entrepreneurs and providing real entrepreneur stories designed to encourage listeners to take the leap and become future industry leaders.

Fearless, crass and with a good dose of Brooklyn-attitude, #NoMoH will cut through the industry guru bullshit and provide fans with real world advice for making it in business, highlighting the pitfalls, failures and struggles true entrepreneurs face.

Business is a hustle and #NoMoH is the hustler's handbook for making moves and building on success like a pro. Highlighting the entrepreneurs who’ve built their brands from humble beginnings, we’ll showcase leaders and rule breakers who are on the path of creating some of America’s most disruptive brands.


Host: Artem Mashkov

Mashkov’s commitment to creating opportunities for others has made him a leader other leaders follow. Responsible for over a dozen companies which fall under this young entrepreneur's portfolio of brands, this New York telecom hustler used his special brand of business development to launch DevTribe, a new disruptive technology firm which specializes in helping entrepreneurs get to proof of concept with start-up minded budgets.

Considering “being anti-fragile” as his greatest quality,  Mashkov turns negatives into positives inspiring everyone he reaches and leads with an uncanny lack of fear when it comes to failure. Because of that, he takes more chances resulting in higher rewards, choosing scars over trophies in his path to wealth.

Mashkov wants to influence the way people create businesses. Through personal accounts and candid breakdowns of current industry news during his #MashkovMinute he looks to inspire others while sharing a unique voice that is progressive, inspiring those who don’t see inspiration currently. 


Episode Format

Scars Over Trophies: Candid interviews with business leaders and disruptors on their biggest failures. Each week will feature a different guest and focus on the moments they thought they were done, highlighting their failed companies and how they got through their struggles to reach success. Interview will highlight what these entrepreneurs are currently working on, but shift focus to the battle wounds they’ve taken in their ongoing hustle, cause you need to fail to truly succeed.

Execute or Execute: Highlighting potential companies and business ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs. Artem, Michael and weekly guest will review potential business ideas submitted by fans, assess the company's potential and vote on whether it’s worth building or not worth pursuing. Curation of comical and unexpected app work or manufactured products to keep the conversations engaging.

#MashkovMinute: Weekly one-minute business breakdowns by Artem Mashkov. Each week touching on a different business story trending and getting attention. Audience gets a peek into the thinking of entrepreneurial inspiration, Artem Mashkov.