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In order to develop a strategic Internet marketing plan, marketers need to understand where their customers and potential customers are going for information. In today's marketplace, many customers are using the Internet to make purchases, read customer product reviews and connect with other consumers. Companies have the potential to succeed if they effectively target these customers with innovative and strategic Internet marketing techniques through the use of social networking sites and Web 2.0 technology.

Online social networking sites MySpace and Facebook have become household names, and marketers are taking notice. Many companies are now creating their own social networking sites and blogs to attract audiences and connect with them on a regular basis. Marketers are capitalizing on the popularity of social networking sites, which allow them to get their customers together around common interests. The advantages of social networking sites are huge -- companies now have access to detailed information on their target audiences and can use this information to create buzz for their products through peer to peer marketing and targeted email marketing campaigns.

Some of the largest social networking sites include:





 Online product reviews written by customers

Using online product reviews as part of an online marketing strategy has also been successful for some organizations. One popular pet supply company lets customers write product reviews online. Contests and promotions are run every so often to encourage vistitors to post reviews, helping the company build up it's review database and website content. The major benefit of this Internet marketing strategy? Increased customer retention and loyalty. Customers are more likely to revisit the site once they've posted their own product reviews online. According to one report, customer product reviews that are available through Internet shopping portals are becoming one of the most important online shopping features available to consumers.

 Utilizing Web 2.0 technology

Web 2.0 technology is becoming ever prevalent on the Internet. Marketing experts recommend that companies use Web 2.0 technology as part of a strategic Internet marketing plan. CRM vendors are adding Web 2.0 technology like blogs, wikis and tag clouds to their applications to meet the growing demand for Web 2.0 tools. Many companies have launched blogs as a supplement to traditional marketing methods and as a way to gauge customer reactions through comments. However, experts recommend marketers keep blog etiquette in mind. These Web 2.0 buzzwords will help you better understand Web 2.0 technology and how it pertains to your Internet marketing strategy.

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