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We know what it takes to take a project from infancy to launch.

We will help you create, innovate and execute your idea.   





Great development starts with great strategy.


Our kick-off workshop starts with you pitching your app, business or tech solution idea and ends with a robust brainstorming session and discussion on feature requirements and use cases.

Afterwards, an analysis of the competition is prepared, a requirements list is compiled, UX/UI solutions are explored, a plan is codified and front-end architecture is mapped out.


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First Milestone

Strategy Roadmap

A compilation of the work done during the strategy phase. It covers where you want to go and how we’re going to get there. It includes the finalized user stories, competitive analysis and functionality requirements.

This is the guide for your design and development phases.



Visualizing influential brands


To have a successful app or site today you need an intuitive user experience and a cohesive visual aesthetic.

During this phase we’ll iterate on branding, color schemes, fonts, icons and screen layouts until your app has the design it needs to succeed.



Second Milestone

Solution Storyboard

At the close of branding and UX design we provide a Solution Storyboard showing the appearance and flow of your application populated with sample content and scenarios based on the user stories from the Strategy Phase.







Sprint-based coding, delivery of prototypes at key checkpoints to gather feedback, and weekly status updates ensure you’re always up-to-speed on progress and have the flexibility you need to pivot as new ideas and opportunities present themselves.

Throughout the development process we provide a number of Mid-Development Prototypes that your team can test on their own platforms and provide feedback on.


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Although not every solution requires it, we often provide a Client Admin Dashboard that allows you to remotely control certain aspects of the application such as user lists, promo code generation and push notifications.  Once our QA team signs off on the project and you give the final green light, we will submit your app to the relevant app stores or launch online. After that it’s time for some celebrations and then back to work!!





For many agencies once a solution is completed and launched that’s the end of the story, but here at DevTribe we believe that your success is our validation.

That’s why everything we develop includes a 6-month bug warranty, a 6-month subscription to our Support Program and 20 hours of free Mod Account credit to cover minor revisions—a total value of more than $5,000.

Development Support

We summarize the state of your mobile app each month in a Monthly Report so you know where to make ongoing improvements.

The reports feed into Quarterly Strategy Meetings where we’ll discuss past performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and draft an action plan for how to move forward.






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