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Artem Mashkov -


Founder + Chief Disruptor


A serial entrepreneur, validated thought leader and investor, Artem believes in collecting the best talent and treating everyone with kindness. People capital is one which can return investment exponentially and in surprising ways. After seeing the talent he had around him in design, marketing, technology , he knew that he could create solutions for others like him, and this is how DevTribe was formed.

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Daniel Saynt - 


Chief Marketer


A thought leader on millennial marketing and the rise of social influencers, Saynt is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who has developed award winning campaigns for brands such as Lord & Taylor, Coach, Estee Lauder, and Conde Nast.

He provides strategic support for personal brand development, helping guide personalities to become multi-million dollar brands.

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Rodrigo Lizarraga  -Creative Director


A multi-disciplined creator, who has worked with the Wall Street Journal, Netflix and NYLON Media, as well as agencies like MSL Group, Rodrigo is known for creating client work that is on-brand, on-strategy, and meets multiple communication objectives.

He is an expert in graphic design, branding, videography, photography, web design, motion graphics, and UI/UX design.

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Senior Marketing Coordinator



David is a marketing & advertising professional with extensive experience across a diverse range of clients at agencies such as Epsilon, FCB, BBDO and iProspect. Known for digital innovation and integrating multiple digital channels in a measurable, meaningful manner, he has a strong record of leading large teams & achieving performance goals for clients.

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Alex Horvatinovic is a marketing entrepreneur and seasoned performance marketer who excels at driving digital traffic at scale for brands, influencers and small businesses.

Alex provided guidance in paid media campaigns for our brand partners designed to increase app downloads, impressions and sign-ups for our roster of clients.